Upon reaching Leavenworth, you’ll immediately notice the small-village charm of the area. In an ode to its people’s roots, the architecture of Germany is very much alive in the town. Visitors can feel like they’ve taken a trip across the Atlantic and into Europe. Germany had architectural trends that spanned from Romanesque to Modern. Therefore, it’s had great influence in Leavenworth. It’s this great architecture and community that make a trip to Leavenworth a trip into old Bavaria. Interested in seeing how Germany has influenced the town? A quick trip can help with your curiosity.

The Architecture of Germany in Leavenworth

The European world has seen many changes in architecture. With conquering came a melting of influences and styles across regions and countries. Germany is not excluded from that. While many traditions have stayed within the country, a lot of these influences have left. When Germans migrated to the United States, they took their beers, food, and architecture styles. Now, our intimate home in Washington can feel like a journey into the past.

In the early years of Germany, buildings took form in the Romanesque style. Think lots of arches, vaulted ceilings, and small paired windows. Then, with the 15th century, came the Gothic period. Buildings appeared bolder with much more detail on the exterior. It was during this medieval time that many of Germany’s popular churches were built.

Later, this attention to detail turned to Classicism. Designs became toned-down, with a nod to Greek columns and sleekness.

What you find in Leavenworth is the style and design of old Bavarian villages. Hence, it is kept simple, with wooden balconies and tall, A-lined buildings. If you visit and feel like everyone knows each other, you would be getting the right feeling. Part of the design is making these buildings a tight-knit community for people to visit. So, that is what you’ll find. The architecture of Germany has expanded and changed throughout the years. But, the friendliness and long-held traditions have remained the same.