Pack your winter coats and join the beautiful snow that happens in the northwest. This is for everyone in the south that may not experience snow on a yearly basis. It’s time to get out of the desert, or out of the humidity, and let the crisp air hit your cheeks. Winter gives our town a new playground. While you can hike and camp all summer long, winter gives us a new exhilarating sport. That would be skiing in Leavenworth.

Getting Prepared
What should you expect when you arrive at Leavenworth during the winter? You should expect to be dressed in layers all the time. Staying warm will make all the experiences better. You don’t want to be miserable during your trip. So, when it comes to skiing, you can be prepared in other ways. For one, know that there are tons of places to ski. Our ski resorts are all great, with options for couples and families. If you already have gear, you’ll want to bring it to avoid the rental prices at each resort. If not, because most won’t, be prepared to rent some equipment. On top of that, the day passes are pretty reasonably priced. On average, adults will be paying about $22.

Skiing in Leavenworth
If you’re coming to enjoy our town, you may as well enjoy our ski resorts. Each resort holds lessons if you want to get the basics down before forging the snow on your own. Check out Icicle River Trail, Ski Hill Lodge, and Stevens Pass Nordic Center. You’ll be able to pick easy trails, have fun with other first-time skiers and then get some hot chocolate (or coffee) later.

Step out of your comfort zone and join us in the snow! Start planning your trip now and make it out to the great Pacific Northwest. We’ve got a room for you when you’re done being a pro skier.