The entire Pacific Northwest is covered with natural beauty. Most of that comes in the form of land that has been preserved as national forests. For anyone that loves hiking and being outdoors, Washington is the state to do so. If you’ve never been, it’s time to really treat yourself to fantastic views that the national forests near Leavenworth have to offer.

The Great National Forests Near Leavenworth
Leavenworth has so much history and culture for being a small Bavarian town. Hence, when you’re not in town drinking the local beers, it behooves you to literally take a hike. Surrounding Leavenworth is the Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest. There is a lot of fun things to do here. For instance, you will find lakes, caves, and campgrounds. The trails here are scattered over 4 million acres. You can surround yourself with tall Alpines and view the natural state of Earth.

Fortunately, not far from Leavenworth, you’ll also find Mt Rainier National Park. The 263,000-acres of wilderness is around Washington’s highest peak. You’ll gasp at the glaciers and the wildflower meadows. It really is the pride and joy of Washington, as the site will tell you. You can hike, camp, walk or drive through this magnificent park.

Find yourself away from your comfort zone if nature hikes aren’t normally part of your vacation itinerary. You’ll be pleasantly surprised. Spend time with the family marveling at what nature contains.