horse parade leavenworthThe Obertal Inn celebrates YOU during the month of October because YOU deserve it!

  • Find a day you’d like to be celebrated, or to celebrate someone else on the calendar below.
  • Make your reservation, for that day, at the Obertal Inn and Leavenworth Vacation Homes by calling 509-548-5204 or go to our website.
  • Mention the calendar “recognized holiday” and receive a 10% reduction in your first night’s rate!
  • Which one will you choose? Heck let’s celebrate more than one!
  • Some restrictions apply: New reservations only. Weekends excluded.

October 3
National Boyfriend Day – It’s a day to let your boyfriend know how much he means to you.

Kevin Day – If you haven’t been giving your Kevin enough attention lately, here’s your chance to make it right.

October 4
Kindness to Animals Day – Compassion towards animals is and will always be necessary. We are dog-friendly ‘cause no one likes to be left behind.

National Golf Lovers Day – Recognize one of the world’s most popular sports or sportsperson.

October 5
World’s Teacher Day – Almost everybody has a favorite teacher. Did you, or someone you love, encourage someone else to meet their greatest potential?

October 6
National Isabella Day – Isabella was the fifth most popular name in 2019. Today, let’s celebrate the Isabella in your world.

October 11
National Kim Day – This day is held to celebrate all those named ‘Kim.’ This unisex given name is also commonly used as a diminutive or nickname for other names, such as Kimber, Kimberly, Kimberley, Kimball, and Kimiko.

Emergency Nurses Day – Nursing as a profession requires a great deal of compassion and expertise, and nurses working in hospital emergency rooms must deal with numerous difficulties throughout their shift. They should be celebrated!

October 12
Farmers Day – Farming is one of the oldest jobs around. Take a moment to give some love to all the farmers who work tirelessly to feed us year-round.

National Martin Day – Martin is predominantly a Latin-derived male name that means ‘God of War.’ Martin is a given name as well as a surname.

October 16
National Eddie Day – Raise a toast to and honor all Eddies worldwide. This holiday is like a birthday for people named Eddie.

National Elaine Day – Let’s give a salute to every Elaine around the world and recognize their uniqueness.

October 18
National Ken Day – Cheers for everyone named Ken, their personality, and how they live life to the fullest.

October 19
National Jared Day – There are about as many different spellings of this name as there are Jareds. Any spelling of Jared is accepted as is any Gerrod.

October 20
National Jeff Day – Everyone knows at least one Jeff. Probably more. A very popular name from the 50’s through the 70’s. Every Jeff should be celebrated or celebrating.

National Lane Day – A beautiful given or surname. We are even celebrating you if your address includes “Lane.”

October 26
National Noah Day – People across the world take this day to celebrate their love for every Noah out there.

*With help from the website – what a treasure!