Leavenworth is magical. You can feel that in the mountains, the architecture, and the heart of the town. It is perfectly modeled after an Alpine village in Bavaria. Therefore, you’re immediately transported to another world. Just 120 miles east of Seattle, the Bavarian town has a lot to offer. When you’re visiting Leavenworth, where millions of tourists come to spend time, you’ll be filled with so many experiences. Be prepared to share in many moments and experiences with the town and your family or by yourself. This friendly place is ready to welcome you and your travels. No matter what you like to do during your travels, you’ll find everything right here. ​Keep your eyes and mind open and welcome to Leavenworth​.

Visiting Leavenworth — A Gem in the Summer
A must when you visit this beautiful little town is relishing in bier and wurst. Because the architecture and details of the town transport you to Bavaria, it’s only right that you pretend that you are. That means taking in the local food and beer. Muchen Haus has an outdoor patio and some of the best food you’ll have. It’s perfect for summer.

Views are everywhere in Leavenworth. ​The town itself is surrounded by national forests. It’s beautiful nature all around. But, if you walk around the town itself, you’ll find different views. You can take a walking tour around the city and find hand-painted murals. See how many you can find during your self-guided walk!

Another great reason to visit Leavenworth in the summer is because of the Leavenworth Summer Theater. They present a series of Broadway and holiday shows on their stage. Their stage happens outside under the sky at two different amphitheaters. The mountains are your backdrop and its a beautiful place to be on a summer night.