May 2020

Oh my goodness. It’s May 12th and I have not shared our adventures of the last eight weeks. What an eight weeks it’s been.

In early March, we began to notice something was different. Bookings started to cancel and our guests were talking about “Corona virus.” We were asking ourselves, “What on earth is Corona Virus?!?” Well, we soon found out.

As you can imagine, our business has been decimated. When we realized how communicable this illness was, we decided to shut down voluntarily on March 20th. We did not feel it was worth neither risking our customers’, nor our employees’ health until we knew more. We remained closed for more than 6 weeks. We were deemed an “essential” business and were allowed to stay open, but we felt it wasn’t worth the risk.

After finding out more as time went on, we have re-opened as of May 4th. We implemented very stringent protocols in terms of cleaning, social distancing and how we manage the day to day operation. Currently, we allow for three full days between guests in the same room. If you want to travel and come visit us, we will not check you into a room that has been occupied by another guest until a full three days AFTER that guest has checked out. We plan on continuing this way of operating until the Governor has deemed it safe to check people in back-to-back.

We were very fortunate to have applied for assistance from the federal government and we received a PPP Loan. We are using it to pay our employees and have kept our entire staff on our payroll since the day we shut down and we can continue to pay them through the month of May. After May it becomes difficult to maintain that level of expense if no revenues come in. We will have to figure out as to what the next step is.

We want everyone to know that we are not “mad” at anyone. Of course we are saddened by the fact that our business us under a severe threat and that this disease is an existential threat to us and to our employees and we are saddened by the fact that a business we have been building over the past nine years is so severely impacted by this. We recognize, though, that bad things happen to good people all the time and today, it’s our turn. We will survive and our loyal customers have been coming for years and we hope you will keep coming.

May you and your family remain unaffected by this virus. Stay healthy and we will see each other when this has passed.