Fall isn’t quite here yet, but the transition period between summer and fall can be some of the best weather. This means it’s the perfect time to get outside and enjoy the Washington atmosphere! Leavenworth offers some of the best festivities year-round. While the weather is still beautiful and calm, here are some options for enjoying September in this scenic town.

Wine tasting

Leavenworth Wine Walk (Saturday, September 8)

With twenty full tasting rooms and other tasting sites spread around, downtown transforms into beautiful wine tasting splendor underneath the glow of the Cascades. In addition, guests will receive a wine glass, specialty cheeses, live music, and various prizes.

Mountain Bike & Meditation @ Beyoutiful Hot Yoga (Saturday, September 15)

The ultimate combination: a vinyasa flow followed by a mountain bike excursion with a mountaintop meditation! This is the perfect way to enjoy a Saturday morning amidst the Leavenworth scenery.

Sleeping Lady Bird Walk (Saturday, September 15)

Each Saturday morning, enjoy a stunning bird walk led by a local wildlife biologist and nature journalist. From flower-pollinating birds in the organic garden to white-headed woodpeckers in the pine forests, the abundance of wildlife in the area is a unique sight to see.

Wenatchee River Salmon Festival (Saturday, September 22)

Celebrate the diversity of both humans and wildlife alike that make Leavenworth so special. The Wenatchee River Salmon Festival happens every year and celebrates the return of the salmon to the northwest rivers. This festival is inter-tribal and inter-generational and attendees will gain a unique insight into the history of the area!

Washington State Autumn Leaf Festival (Saturday and Sunday, September 29-30)

For 54 years, the Washington State Autumn Leaf Festival has brought guests from all over the state to Leavenworth. This festival celebrates the turning of the autumn leaves to signal the beginning of fall, a beautiful time in Leavenworth. In addition, the festival began the year that Leavenworth officially embraced the Bavarian culture as its hallmark theme.

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