E BIKE tours in leavenworth Exercise. Fresh air. Mountains. Wine. Breathe it all in and experience Leavenworth the best way possible. Our partner, Bavarian E-Bike tours, uses E-bikes, a pedal-assisted electric bicycle. This will add more fun and adventure to your trip around our town, while you get some help to make your ride a breeze.

Their guides are knowledgeable about the town. This way, you can learn more about Leavenworh and the surrounding area, the history and everything that makes it Leavenworth. From the comfortable seat of your bike, you’ll take in the beautiful scenery before you. It’s everything that you should be excited to take part in.

Bavarian Bike Tours for the Win!
This is a new partnership to Obertal and we are extremely excited about it. Yes, you could walk into town and enjoy the food. Yes, this is a fun experience in itself. But, this enhances your time in Leavenworth, and adds another adventure in Leavenworth. This Bavarian town is a gem. A guided bike tour will tell you so. Tours are kept small – no more than 10 guests per tour – this encourages you to meet other people on your ride or have a great time as a family.

There are two options that you can book. Dive into the Leavenworth Winery Tour or the Leavenworth Mountain View Tour. Both are great options if you can only do one. You’ll be out exploring for at least three hours. In the end, you’ll be able to indulge in Munchen Haus, the infamous sausage garden. You don’t want to miss this experience.

To book your ride, please visit https://bavarianebiketours.com